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How to help your children overcome their fear of the Dentist

Dec 16, 2020

A child’s first visit to the Dentist is very important.



It would be good for the child to approach the Dentist at a fairly young age, at around 2 years, for a simple and short check; this should be repeated every 3 to 4 months. On the one hand, for the child to get used to the environment of the doctor’s office and to gradually build a relationship of trust with the dentist, and on the other hand, to systematically monitor their oral hygiene, in order to avoid future dental problems.

Choose the right Dentist that will make your child feel happy and comfortable.

Teach your child that a visit to the dentist is important and enjoyable because the dentist will take care of their teeth so that they are strong and can eat and grow properly.

Prepare your child through playing. Give them a mirror, count their teeth. Then tell the child to play dentist themselves, with a doll or a toy animal as their patient. Special children’s books can also prepare the children.

Pay attention to the phrases used. Avoid phrases such as “do not be afraid, it will not hurt” or words such as “pain” or “injection”, as they trigger negative emotions. Let the dentist describe the various dental procedures in words that are appropriate for the child’s age. All the parent needs to say is that “We will go to the dentist so that they can see and count he teeth”.

Avoid telling your children negative stories about your dentist. Children can feel their parents’ emotions, and a frightened parent tends to pass their fear and anxiety on to his child.

During the examination, let the Dentist talk to the child without interfering with questions, so that they can communicate properly. Remember that the Dentist and their staff are used to working with children and know how to deal with your child’s fears and anxiety. Let them guide you.