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 Our primary goal is to maintain both the health and the aesthetics of our patients’ teeth. In this direction, all the modern techniques and methods are applied, in order to provide our Practice with safe, high quality services for the oral health of the patients.

Each patient enjoys personalised services, according to their needs. This possibility is offered to us through Dental Prostheses!

There is a wide range of options for the restoration of missing teeth so that each individual can regain the bright and natural smile that they lack!

This can be achieved through fixed prosthetic restorations, i.e. full coverage crowns and bridges, but also through removable restorations such as full and partial dentures.



These prosthetic restorations replace part or all of the missing teeth of the mouth, giving a completely natural and harmonious result.

Depending on the case, the appropriate restoration is selected, so patients can regain their lost self-confidence and, at the same time, a functional and complete dentition.