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Composite resin veneers (dental bonding)

The process of placing the veneers is suitable those who wish to improve the aesthetic appearance of their smile. It is a modern and fast way to deal with aesthetic problems of the dentition, such as the restoration of crooked teeth, closing of spaces and gaps between the teeth, correction of broken and discoloured teeth.


όψεις ρητίνης

 More specifically, composite resin veneers change the shape and colour of your teeth without burdening the enamel, as they belong to the Minimally Invasive Dentistry Techniques (Minimally Invasive Dentistry).

Therefore, you can get a beautiful & harmonious smile, having the opportunity to smile with confidence and enjoy the pleasant moments of your life to the fullest, again. 

It is a painless, short-term technique that is completed in just two sessions.

The lack of feeling pain or discomfort and the excellent aesthetic result provide high levels of satisfaction. The advantage of the above technique is the personalisation it provides to the final result, in order to meet each patient’s requirements and needs.