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3rd Molar (Wisdom Tooth) Extraction

Surgical extraction of the 3rd Molars (Wisdom teeth)

The wisdom teeth (third molars) are the teeth that appear after the 18th year of age, completing the dentition.

There is not enough space for them to rise in the correct position of the dentition, in a very large percentage of patients. As a result, they remain impacted or semi-impacted. A condition that causes severe and unpleasant symptoms such as toothache, pericoronitis, dental/alveolar abscesses, cysts, periodontal or periapical problems in adjacent teeth, as well as orthodontic problems. 

An immediate solution to the problem is surgical removal of the problematic tooth. Extraction of these teeth is a relatively complex surgical procedure that requires special knowledge, experience, respect for the adjacent anatomical structures, and specialised equipment. 

In our practice, surgical extraction of impacted molars is one of the most common surgeries and is performed following the latest surgery protocols. These are based on new techniques of very delicate manipulations, to create the smallest surgical field possible, thus aiming to the absolute management of postoperative pain & swelling with no bleeding.

Surgery becomes simple and painless for the patient, using local anesthesia during the procedure.