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Restorative dentistry is defined as the complete management of traumatic dental injuries and the restoration of teeth both on the functional and aesthetic levels.

The needs for restoration arise both from caries and other problems such as tooth fractures, missing teeth due to extraction, necrosis of the dental nerve (inferior alveolar nerve or inferior dental nerve).

Endodontic treatment (denervation/root canal) is one of the most important dental treatments

The goal of this treatment is to prevent tooth extraction and keep it in the mouth. Thus, patients do not lose their natural teeth, but are given the opportunity to have a fully functional, beautiful, and natural smile for many years, instead! The treatment is performed using special micro-tools inside the teeth. The whole process is painless and simple and is completed within a few sessions.

 A tooth required Endodontic Treatment (denervation/root canal) when: 

– It shows severe swelling and pain

– It has been severely injured, resulting in pulp (i.e. the nerve of the tooth) necrosis.

– Caries has progressed too close to the pulp, so that when it is removed, the pulp is exposed and infected by microbial toxins. 

After completion of the treatment, hermetic sealing of the tooth with a white filling follows, which – on the one hand- repairs the damaged dental tissues and – on the other hand – ensures high-level aesthetics for the teeth and smile.