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Pediatric Dentistry

Healthy teeth in little patients

Healthy teeth in little patients depends on many factors such as their daily eating habits, age, heredity, saliva quality, and of course, daily care and attention to their oral hygiene.

In our practice, a series of treatments are performed, aiming to the good health of the teeth and the mouth of little patients. These treatments include sealants (preventive filling of holes and cracks), pediatric fillings, endodontic treatments, extraction of new teeth, fluoride treatment regimens to prevent tooth decay. 

In addition to preventive dental care, treatment, and restoration of dental problems in little patients, our main goal is for children and teenagers to lay the right foundations for healthy and strong teeth. Systematic training on the correct brushing techniques and the rules of maintaining their oral hygiene is our primary goal.

dental care

The first visit of children to the Dentist is recommended to be paid after the 2nd year of age. This ensures the timely dental monitoring of the child, while at the same time, the child gets acquainted with the dental environment and creates a trusting relationship with the Doctor.