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Daily habits that damage our teeth

Dec 13, 2020

Although the enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, its structure is extremely sensitive; any cracks or damages are impossible to repair naturally.


Daily habits that are seemingly harmless can cause irreparable damage to the enamel structure and even lead to tooth fractures.

Using the teeth as tools

Opening bottles, cutting a thread, adhesive tape, or the label of a garment are just a few examples.

Chewing ice

The hardness of the ice combined with the drastic drop in temperature can cause fractures and other irreversible damages to the teeth. Unfortunately, a large number of people have the habit of biting ice cubes or ice, especially those left at the end of a drink.

Chewing hard objects

Many people’s habit of biting their pencil or pen when concentrating on a task can cause cracks or even abrasions on the tooth surfaces.

Brushing too hard

Many people believe that brushing their teeth hard makes them even brighter. But this is a myth that has now been debunked. On the contrary, aggressive and violent brushing damage the outer surface of the teeth, leading to gum recession and severe tooth sensitivity.

Nail biting

It is one of the most common harmful habits. A habit that usually indicates stress or embarrassment. It can cause cracks and enamel wear, but also infections of the oral cavity by germs located under the fingernails.

Teeth grinding (bruxism)