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About us

The Dentist, Mrs. Eleni Mitrofani and her team welcome you to a modern unit for the provision of dental services, where all the specialties of Dentistry are practiced.

Thanks to the excellent technological equipment and the state-of-the-art technology available at the Practice, the phases of each treatment are separately, effectively, and successfully approached: from the diagnosis to the design, the treatment itself, as well as the subsequent follow-up.

The perfect and healthy smile is the result of careful planning and study!

It is achieved through thorough planning. Our goal is to provide high-level dental care, personalised for each individual patient with the least possible surgical interference and with absolute respect for the dental tissues.

The Dentist exclusively applies techniques and materials that show an excellent long-term clinical behavior, combining them with the most modern dental methods.

A healthy and beautiful smile is not just a dental problem. It affects our daily life, as well as our self-confidence.

Our main concern is to make our young and old patients healthy and happy!

Your smile is the centre of our attention!

You can transform your smile through our dental services!